Will Boehner Get Canned?


Think you’ve had a rough time.

Do people think John Boehner will still be Speaker in October 2014?

There will certainly be some on the right who will be screaming for his scalp.  Boehner will get the blame for blinking and giving in to Obama. They will say if the party had kept fighting they would have forced the Democrats to surrender at the last minute.

I didn’t say any who says that is correct, just that they have an opinion. For most of the shutdown Boehner seemed to take what they said and the threat of what they would do to him very seriously.

Yet, tor some reason I just don’t see him going until after the 2014 elections.  Right the GOP has endured 16 days of terrible coverage because of an internal fight.   Do they really want to jump right into another messy, internal fight over who should be speaker of the House?

That is also why I don’t see Boehner quitting now.  He will stick it out to avoid the same kind of fight within the party.  If left now it would be an all-out scramble for control, which would make the GOP look even more dysfunctional.

Of course, I also would have laughed if you said the entire Congressional GOP would follow Ted Cruz and pick a fight without knowing how they are going to win it. So don’t bet the farm on my advice.



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