Looks Like They’ll Have Boehner to Kick Around

Tea Party Costume party

Boehner tried to make this guy happy. Funny it didn’t work out.

After the shutdown deal was announced many conservative activists were angry and out for Boehner’s blood.   Think about it, there is no way to describe this as other than a big beating.  Obama and the Democrats got little, if any, of the blame and the GOP got no substantial policy changes. Oh, and they made it harder for the party nominee running for Virginia Governor to win.

Faced with that you would assume more people would be echoing perennial over spender Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks said it was full surrender.  And considering the sway Tea Party groups like FreedomWorks seemed to have over the GOP you would think there would be a real cry from members for Boehner to stop being speaker.

Doesn’t appear that way right now.

Conservative Congressmen like Jim Labrador actually said Boehner had nothing to be ashamed of and Rep. Tim Huelskamp said Boehner stood up to the moderates.

Although much more than being a love or respect for Boehner this is probably more driven but a desire to just get out of the public eye.  The last 16 days have been tough enough – after all Obamacare is more popular now than it was on September 30. 


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