Is This the First Shutdown Primary

Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran, who has strong ratings from the National Right to Life, Gun Owners of America and Americans For Prosperity, is getting a primary opponent.  It appears Chris McDaniel is going to challenge Cochran.

Why is Cochran getting challenged?

It appears in Mississippi he is a RINO.  Cochran was just censured by the Marshall County GOP Committee for voting to allow the U.S. Senate to pass a spending plan which included funding for Obamacare.

McDaniel can smell blood in the water and thinks this is the right time to take Cochran out.  Because this is Mississippi the GOP primary is the general so keep an eye on this one.  If voters in Mississippi are willing to throw out a veteran legislator for a Tea Party favorite then you know the GOP primary electorate wants true believers more than anything else.  Delivering the goods for your state with Washington money is not enough, these folks want a fight and are willing to get behind whoever is going to lead the charge.

The 2016 race will be set against this backdrop, that is why Ted Cruz should never be counted out and Chris Christie should be terrified.


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