Candidate Watch – Mike Huckabee

Out of the blue Mike Huckabee started throwing his own name around over the weekend.  In an interview with David Brody of CBN Huckabee said:

That would shake things up.  Huckabee ran a strong campaign in 2008.  He started off with no money and no name recognition against better known candidates like Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani, and ended up winning several states including the Iowa caucuses, Georgia, Arkansas, and West Virginia.

His skills as a candidate at working a crowd and putting people at ease with the joking style give him a sharp contrast to more strident figures like Cruz or Santorum.  Let’s not forget he has been practicing being the spotlight thanks to his television and radio work. Plus, his popularity with religious conservatives would force candidates like Rubio, Santorum and Mike Pence to reconfigure their electoral coalitions if Huckabee does as well with them this time (if he ran).

Will he do it?  I doubt it.  Since 2008 Huckabee has made a great deal of money and now has a national forum to say whatever he wants and be a king maker.  Why would he give all that up to jump into a very crowded and already competitive race?


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