File This Under No Shit Sherlock

Hillary Clinton will officially endorse Terry McAuliffe this weekend.   Well, just color me shocked.  Of course no one with a brain will be surprised.

Ron Paul

I was bought out.

Why does this matter?

Hillary Clinton is a pseudo-celebrity and big name in American politics.  Of course the event will will grab some media attention.  After all when Republican Congressman (and distant fourth place finisher in 2012) Ron Paul endorsed Ken Cuccinelli it drew media coverage.

Why did he do this?  Well, his little boy Rand has big ambitions for 2016 so that should explain it more than anything.  He needed to tell the GOP establishment that his son (like him) will not be chasing any libertarian fantasies in 2013 or 2014.  No both Pauls have bought their allegiance cards for the big GOP bet in 2016

Also, the Hillary Clinton endorsement underscores just how effective the Clintons can be on the campaign trail.  Cuccinelli will close out the campaign doing rallies with E.W. Jackson and Mark Obenshain.  In contrast, McAuliffe will close by campaigning with the Democratic ticket plus U.S. Senators Warner and Kaine, plus Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Does that create a favorable contrast?  Is the Pope a Catholic.

You can imagine the contrast in coverage between McAuliffe and the Clintons v. Cuccinelli and the GOP ticket.  Not so good for Ken.

Unless of course that awakens the sleeping giant that is the natural conservative base of voters who will carry any true blue Reaganite conservative, like Cuccinelli, to victory no matter what.



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