The Face of the GOP

Over the weekend Ted Cruz did everything he could to make himself the face of the GOP. First, he dominated the Values Voter Straw poll with 42%.  Then on Sunday he and fellow camera addict Sarah Palin staged a protest over the World War Two Memorial being closed.


Mr. and Miss GOP 2013

The irony of this should be lost on no one.  If Cruz hadn’t helped push the House of Representatives into stripping funding for Obamacare out of the Continuing Resolution we wouldn’t have this shut down in the first place.   That means the World War Two Memorial, like the rest of the federal government would be open.

If these two continue what they are doing this will make things even harder for the GOP.  They are stirring up passions that have lead the party to make an impulsive decision that has hurt its standing with voters.

The only Republican who benefits from this is Chris Christie.  He is the only Republican who right now is looking sane and electable to large segments of the voters (witness his upcoming blowout win in New Jersey)  If the goal of Cruz and Palin is to hand the nomination to someone they hate, they should keep up the good work.


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