Stop the Presses – Joe the Plumber Wrote Something Stupid

Apparently the biggest one-hit wonder of 2008 Presidential campaign (aside from someone with the last name Palin) has something stupid to say.  Of course I mean Joe the Plumber. This dufus had his 15 minutes of fame in 2008 when this happened:

Since then he has carved out a spot in the conservative universe by giving speeches at CPAC and other conservative functions.  Well now he has said something even dumber than before.   Joe decided to pontificate on Obama administration by saying this little pile of crap.

I am not going to give this clown anymore time than is needed.  He is someone that could create any easy Sister  Souljah moment for any GOP candidate in 2016 who is actually interested in standing up to the party.  Who that person might be is anyones guess.


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