Not Having A Good Year

Let’s be honest, the attendees at the Values Voter Summit are not on a winning streak.  In the past twelve months the following things have happened:

  • Obama was reelected
  • Maine, Minnesota, Maryland, and Washington legalized gay marriage
  • Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana
  • Social issues where a key factor in costing the GOP Senate races in Missouri and Indiana
  • The Supreme Court through out the Defense of Marriage Act
  • State legislatures in Rhode Island and Delaware passed gay marriage
  • The government shutdown created by Ted Cruz has boomeranged and made Obamacare more popular

There has to come a point where someone says “things aren’t going well and it’s time to change.”  Maybe that doesn’t come from the people at the summit but possibly in the GOP who wants to win in more moderate areas.

Will someone do that in 2016?  Considering even Chris Christie is fighting against gay marriage I really doubt it.



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