Desperately Seeking Terry

You don’t put out an ad like this unless you know things aren’t going well:

This ad is designed to work on two levels.  First, it wants to raise McAuliffe’s negative and suppress is vote.  Second, it is an attempt to try and change the subject.   Cuccinelli needs to do something to get people away from thinking about his record on social issues or the government shutdown.

It is also a risky ad and shows some desperation on the GOP’s party.  This is a race the GOP should be winning.  McAuliffe is a weak candidate and the historic trend is on Cuccinelli’s side.  Yet, right now they are trailing.  One thing that makes the ad very risky is that the claims are very strong and have to be 100% accurate or this could backfire big for Cuccinelli.

The race was always going to get nasty and this is a sign they are not disappointing.  How will McAuliffe respond?


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