Cruz Wins Among the Losers

Turns out those who are losing the culture war think Ted Cruz is a winner.

At the Values Voter Summit Senator Rafi Cruz won the Presidential Straw Poll easily.  The junior Senator from Texas won 42 percent of vote.  Coming in a distant second where Doctor Ben Carson and ex-Senator, turned movie mogul, Rick Santorum pulled in 13 percent. Senators Paul and Rubio came in a distant fourth and fifth with six and five percent respectively.


I hate Obamacare this much.

This is just another sign that Senator Rafi is exciting a real passion among the party faithful.  Despite the attacks he has taken recently, Cruz is only growing in strength with activists who are made as Hell.

Interesting also to see Dr. Carson doing so well.  For someone who has never held elected office or even run for it, this is an impressive showing.   Consider that he beat two current U.S. Senators who are both seen as top contenders for the 2016 race.

It is not crazy to think Carson may get involved in the race.  He has as much experience in elected office as Steve Forbes, Pat Buchanan and Herman Cain before each of them ran for President.  If he wanted to run,  and potentially get a show on FOX News out of it, there seems to be nothing holding him back.


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