Does FreedomWorks Practice What It Preaches?

FreedomWorks seems to be in a little hot water over their spending habits.  The group’s well known for advocating eliminating wasteful government spending and supporting a balanced budget.  A new story on indicates they don’t practice what they preach.


Yes, the bottles behind me costs $150.00. It’s not my money

The piece is fascinating. I enjoyed the part about the microbrew bar in the office and FreedomWork’s CEO Matt Kibbe’s $8,000 Vegas hotel bill.  You can insert your own Vegas cliche here.

This should not surprise people who follow right wing politics.

In 2001 Kibbe’s old outfit, Citizens for a Sound Economy, went through a similar drop in funding raising.  Their overspending, including paying for expensive retreats for leadership staff and events at the 2000 Republican National Convention, resulted in mass layoffs.

The financial problems back in 2001 were what eventually lead to the Koch Brothers pulling their money and starting Americans For Prosperity.

What is interesting is how this story is getting much more media coverage than what happened in 2001.  David Korn of Mother Jones has been writing about this as well.  In a way it shows that they Tea Partiers have become apart of the national political dialogue, the same way that the inner workings of unions make the media when things go wrong.  It also means they are going to face much more scrutiny.

For a group that talks about fiscal discipline they better start actually walking the walk.


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