Cooch Catches a Break

It looks like Libertarian Robert Sarvis won’t be allowed to participate in the final Virginia Gubernatorial debate.  Anyone who reads this blog knows I don’t think Sarvis will end up being much of a factor in the race. His lack of a campaign structure, especially when it comes to get-out-the-vote will end up keeping him from doing better.  Of course the fact that he can’t win and is only a protest vote will also take away people’s incentive to actually show up on election day.

That being said it is still good news for Ken Cuccinelli.  If Sarvis were in the debate it would take away time Cooch needs to go after McAuliffe.  It would also mean Sarvis could attack Cuccinelli for his positions on social issues.

Cuccinelli needs a very strong performance in the last debate to make up ground.  The race is still winnable for him even though he has been in the middle of a bad few weeks.  Ted Cruz non-campaign, campaign event could not have come at a worse time.

Without Sarvis up there Cuccinelli will get his chance.  Can he take advantage of it? Stay tuned…


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