This May Leave a Mark on Mitch

Our generations real-life Howard Beale (aka Glenn Beck) had this to say about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell:

As you can guess Matt Bevin, McConnell’s primary opponent, is already using this to raise money.  He will also probably press tea party groups, including FreedomWorks, to get their endorsement.  In a competitive primary the money and support of outside groups, who now have a great reason to attack McConnell, could have a big impact.  If you don’t believe me ask Bob Bennett and Richard Lugar.

In addition, to this is going to have an impact on how McConnell acts regarding the shutdown and debt ceiling fight.  McConnell does not need these people attacking him and stirring up trouble at home.  So to stop that, McConnell is going to have them give groups like FreedomWorks and other groups exactly what they want.  This means he will fight every step of the way to kill any deals the Democrats could possibly support.

Politically, does this mean Mitch McConnell is finished like Lugar and Bennett were?  No.  He will just have to give in on policy for a while and then run a very, very nasty campaign against Bevin.   Look for nasty ads and personal attacks to start coming, and never stop, from the McConnell campaign.

While this may upset many purists who see politics as an inconvenient way to get their holy ideas in place, it is as they said in Godfather II the business we have chosen.  The ability win against someone like McConnell will really show if the Tea Party is taking over the GOP or being taken over the GOP.

So keep an eye on Kentucky if you really want to know who runs the GOP.


One thought on “This May Leave a Mark on Mitch

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