Grover Norquist and John McCain Agree, WTF?!?

It’s an old cliche to say “a broken clock is right twice a day.”  But that MUST be what John McCain was thinking when he saw today’s Washington Times.   One of McCain’s biggest opponents in the GOP, Grover Norquist, actually agrees with McCain on something.  And it ain’t a small thing.

It turns out Norquist agrees with McCain that Senator Rafi “Ted” Cruz is a bit of a wacko bird (which is political speak for big time d-bag) for how he’s handled the shutdown.  In a piece very tactfully called “Ted Cruz Owes GOP an Apology” the Americas for Tax Reform boss says:

“Ted Cruz is a very bright, very serious conservative, but in this case and in a couple of cases earlier, he doesn’t think through things strategically. If you do something, then what will Obama do in return? What would Harry Reid do in return? When you’re playing chess, the other team gets to make a move, too.

“He needs to apologize to all the Republicans who were misled about this strategy that he didn’t implement. Perhaps the senator was now wise and more experienced and that he might also have learned the value of vetting his planned political moves with some other people. Maybe ask ‘Hey, I have an idea, what do you think?’”


This is not criticism from some moderate or MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.  This is coming from the guy who sits on the board of the NRA, American Conservative Union, and has the No New Taxes pledge.  Not to underscore the point, but Norquist has helped support primary campaigns to purge the GOP of elected officials deemed too moderate.

When that guy is saying you went to far, you know Cruz has made some enemies in Washington, DC.

We at the Elephant Race are still very bullish on Cruz’s prospects in 2016 but it is not going to be an easy ride.



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