Chris Christie Goes to Bat For Social Conservatives

Although he has done many things to piss off conservatives (touring beaches with President Obama didn’t help) recently, there is one issue where Governor Chris Christie is right in line with the GOP faithful.  He is against gay marriage.  Christie said so in his debate and he’s filed an emergency appeal to stop a judges order that marriage licenses can be given to gay and lesbian couples.

This puts him right there with people like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker.  It may end up costing him some votes in New Jersey.  But will it make a difference after that? Will Iowa caucus goers forgive him for supporting gun control after Sandy Hook?  Will South Carolina conservatives let his support of immigration reform slide?

I doubt it.  Maybe this is Christie’s way of saying he’s still with them on most things, even if he’ll never out conservative Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, or Scott Walker.


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