This Might Scare the GOP a Little

We have the first sign of how the shutdown is playing politically.

Politico’s polling in the Virginia governor’s race should scare the GOP some.  They find that Democrat Terry McAuliffe now has a 9 point lead over Cuccinelli.  The 44-35 result also includes the Libertarian Robert Sarvis pulling in 12 percent.  They report that 62% of Virginians oppose shutting down the government over efforts to defund Obamacare.

Listen, Terry McAuliffe is a weak candidate.  No one, aside from maybe Bill Clinton, really likes the guy.  So he shouldn’t be in the lead at all but to see his lead now grow to nine in the wake of the shutdown should tell Republicans something.  If people are going to vote for a weak candidate like McAuliffe because of anger over the shutdown what are they going to do in 2014 when they actually might have good Democratic candidates to vote for?

Well, the answer to that one may not be pretty in places like New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, Illinois, and Michigan.

Maybe this is the wake up call the GOP’s leadership needs to end this mess.



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