David Frum Lays It Down On GOP

David Frum is one unhappy Canadian.  First, Frum told conservatives that they lost big when Obamacare passed. Now he is telling people that the GOP is not an effective political party.   He lays that out right here. 

I wonder how conservatives will react to this? 

Last time Frum was critical of the GOP he lost his job at the American Enterprise Institute. Since they can’t do that to him again they will probably just dismiss him as a loser moderate like McCain or Romney.   In fact, the more he  points out that the party is losing, the more the party and it’s activists will shoot messengers like Frum. 

However, successful political parties have room for critics like Frum, in fact they are a sign of their health.  Why? Like all confident and successful people they can take constructive criticism.  Would anyone say that is the face of today’s GOP – confident and successful?  

You can bet none of the big contenders in the GOP’s 2016 race are going to be the barrier of bad tidings. 


One thought on “David Frum Lays It Down On GOP

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