Votes Don’t Work Unless You Use Them

The National Review’s Robert Costa argues in the Washington Post that there are more moderate Republicans in the House of Representatives than people think.  While I do agree that not every member of Congress is Rand Paul, you have to ask what are they doing?

If there are 100 members of the House GOP from purple and light-red districts and stay with the leadership and are key to Boehner’s power where are they?  What is their plan to end this mess?

They must realize that if the public is still angry at the GOP for this next year they will be the ones to really have it taken out on them.  Being in more swing districts, they will be the ones to encounter the moderate voters who are angry over the shutdown.  So while they have the most to lose politically they are letting the Michele Bachmann’s of the world gobble up all of the media focus.

If all of these hidden moderates are so angry when are they actually going to do something to stop what looks like an electoral mess for them?  The answer to that question may tell us when the shutdown actually ends. Their silence also speaks to a much larger fight in the GOP that may not get resolved until 2016.


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