Cruzing in Sunny FLA

Senator Rafi Cruz has some friends in the Sunshine State.  Although he may not be the Congressional GOP’s BFF, Cruz is getting praised by state and local GOP committees around the country.


Cruz Country?

For example, in Florida the state party’s caucus of state committeemen and committeewomen voted by acclamation to show their support for Cruz. If another high-level party committee approves the action tomorrow, Cruz and others in Congress who voted with him thanking him for his actions will get thank you letters.

While you may say so what, it’s just a letter.  What it does show is that the GOP at the state level wants to have this fight.  They don’t care if the government is shutdown they think it’s worth it if they can defeat Obamacare.  And if the GOP Congressional leadership does not have the gut to do that, well then they’ll simply get rid of a few squishes and replace them with real conservatives who will.

Praise like this will only keep Cruz going and remind him that he has a very fertile ground if/when he decides to run in 2016, no matter what they Republican leaders in D.C. tell him.  In addition, Cruz must take a great deal of joy in knowing that this really pisses off Marco Rubio.


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