WaPo Calls Cooch Out

In today’s Washington Post their editorial page calls out Cuccinelli over his appearance with Ted Cruz tonight.  The interesting point they make in the piece is:

Mr. Cuccinelli has tried, unconvincingly, to split the difference, and his handlers have been at pains to emphasize that the Family Foundation dinner is not a campaign event…

We suspect that if Mr. Cuccinelli or Mr. Jackson were in the Senate, rather than on the statewide ballot this year, they would have no trouble siding with Mr. Cruz and the other conservative absolutists who have forced the government to its knees. There is very little in either man’s background to suggest they’d embrace pragmatism over what they regard as principle.

The big question is whether McAuliffe and the Democrats can take advantage of this and rally voters who are fed up with shutdown.  If McAuliffe can link his opponent to Ted Cruz, who aside from Boehner is fast becoming the face of the shutdown, that might pay great political dividends.  Of course, if they can then it might be enough to scare the Congressional GOP into finally reaching a settlement.  After all if it works in Virginia, how well could it work in California, Michigan, New York, or Ohio?



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