Let’s Be Honest It’s Speaker Cruz


Hooray Devin!!

Someone give Devin Nunes a trophy for honesty.

Speaking to the New York Times the California Republican said what everybody already figured out anyway.  Talking about what the GOP exit strategy is Nunes said:

“You really have to call Cruz, I’m not even joking about that. That’s really what you have to do, because he’s the one that set up the strategy, he’s the one that got us into this mess, and so we’ve got to know what the next move is.”

Get the feeling Nunes isn’t going to get anymore Christmas cards from the Boehner family.  Well, sometimes the truth hurts Mr. Speaker.

You also get the feeling what he is saying is also felt by many Republicans in Congress right now.   They know they are in a tough spot but no one is giving them a way out of it.  As they watch many of their constituents get ticked off they also see Ted Cruz gobbling up media attention like he is Pac Man.  While it may be great for Cruz’s standing in the 2016 primary polls, it isn’t doing much to help the Congressional GOP.

Wonder what they reaction is Nunes’ district will be for saying this obviously true statement?  Will he get criticized or praised?  Depending on how that goes it may tell you a great deal about how the GOP ends up solving this crisis and/or the debt ceiling.


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