Yes, I’ll Rain On Her Parade

Wendy Davis

She’s got an uphill climb.

Looks like Summer Culture War Star Wendy Davis is officially in the Texas Governor’s race.  With the Ricker out, and off to run for President, this race is now still strongly favored for the Republicans.  Despite the political skills of Davis and the optimism of Democrats in Texas and nationallu Remember it is TEXAS.

The last Texas Democrat to win statewide Ann Richards in 1990.  That was 24 years ago folks.  Since that time the Republicans have come to dominate the state.

I know Wendy Davis is very smart, talented, and has a large base of support from national liberal activists and NARAL but come on, she is running in one of the most Republican states in the nation in a year that will be tough for Democrats anyways.  You don’t think the Republican Governors Association will sink what they have in to protecting the Texas governorship.

As much as I might wish it were true, I just can’t believe Wendy Davis will actually win.


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