Debate Had Little Impact

It looks like the first debate between McAuliffe and Cuccinelli (BigMac v. Cooch to some) had little impact on the race for governor.  The polls before had BigMac a little ahead and the newest ones show the same.

A new poll from the University of Mary Washington shows the Democrat lead 42-35 and the one from Emerson College puts the race at 43-38 for BigMac.  In the week since their debate if Cooch received any bounce it would have been reflected by now.

Both polls show that Cuccinelli has a real problem with more moderate Republicans.  Only 74 percent of Republicans are supporting him compared to McAuliffe’s drawing 81 percent of Democrats.  Also the Emerson College shows 28 percent of Republicans have an unfavorable view of the Cooch.

Interestingly both polls show Robert Sarvis getting 10 percent or more.  Really doubt that is going to happen.  His probable lack of a GOTV operation and general apathy will take their tolls and he’ll probably be lucky to break 5 percent on election day.  Where will his supporters end up?  That might be the question that swings the election.




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