Marco’s Not Doing His Homework

It looks like Marco Rubio is slipping a little at home.  New results from Public Policy Polling show that his approval rating is now 43/45 a year ago it was 51/33.   What is causing this drop? Some will say it is supporting immigration reform.  As the pollster points out:

Floridians say they support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants by a 48/35 margin. Nevertheless only 21% of voters in the state say they agree with Rubio’s stance on immigration, compared to 41% who they disagree.

So while they like the policy they don’t like the politician behind it.  Ouch.  That sounds like people are being turned off by Rubio personally.

This should force him to decide which way he is going to go.  In Florida he can’t run for President and U.S. Senate in the fall of 2016.  So he has to pick which one he’ll do.

Keep in mind Florida is a swing state so he will most likely draw a top-tier opponent who will have lots of money to spend.  That means if Rubio decides to run for re-election he will need to not only raise a big load of cash, he will also need to get the party and its activists excited for him. Pretty hard to do that if you spent all of 2015 and a good part of the winter of 2016 in Manchester or Des Moines.

Rubio is in the same spot as John Edwards.  He has skills and ambitions but he can’t go for the Presidency without giving up his Senate seat.  Hopefully he’ll exercise better judgment than Edwards did.  Then again that shouldn’t be too hard…


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