How Many Primaries Will We See

You know a few weeks ago Lamar! Alexander and Susan Collins were probably starting to feel safe.  Both could see that no real major primary challenge had emerged and given their past performance and political environment of re-election was looking safe. 

Not so fast. 

I just have a feeling one or two or moderate GOP Senators is going to get a primary challenge as a result of what’s happening right now.  Those in the GOP who are deemed to be too moderate, squishy, and willing to sellout (what others call compromise) may end up facing the wrath of their party’s base.

Rafael Cruz (Ted’s very opinionated father) was out spreading this message.  When he made the comments in Colorado it was reported that past Tea Party candidate Ken Buck was in the audience.  I could easily see that message picking up steam in places like Tennessee or Maine.  Plus, anger over the shutdown and the GOP’s inability to kill Obamacare may unite conservatives behind one candidate against Lindsey Graham in South Carolina  (where the GOP primary absolutely is the general election).   

It might get very interesting soon for some more moderate members of the GOP. 


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