Christie, Walker, and Pence are Laughing Right Now

While Cruz, Paul, and Rubio are in the middle of political shit-storm known as the government shutdown, governors can look at this mess and say, “not on our watch.”  They can also say “see, I balance my budget unlike those clowns in Washington.” Or “under my watch this kind of nonsense will never happen. ”

If Christie, Pence, or Walker are willing to say it that paints a nice contrast to those people who are busy throwing stones in D.C..  One side can actually get results on cutting taxes and government, while the others can only talk about what they frankly talked about.

Running against Washington has never been a bad thing and the position Christie, Walker, or Pence could find themselves in is being able to be the conservative who runs against not only Washington but also all of their Republican opponents as part of the mess in D.C.


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