Echo Chambers To Victory

There is a belief among some in the GOP that because of the growth in conservative media outlets like FOX News,, and blogs like that Republicans have a better chance of sticking together and even winning the PR battle over the government shutdown.


This didn’t lose it for the GOP.

In a recent New York Times article conservative activists argue that what lost them the 1995 shutdown was that the media controlled the narrative too much and they failed at getting their message out.  They point to the Daily News front page showing Newt Gingrich as a crybaby as the moment that things fell apart for them.

This is a very convenient way to remember things.  It puts all of the blame on the media and gives conservatives a free pass.  If following the narrative that the Daily News won it then as a conservative you never have to consider if what you were doing was popular or not.   You never have to say “well maybe people didn’t the National Parks or Meals on Wheels closed down.”  So you never have to confront that maybe not all of your policies are as popular as you think.

Also this line of thinking forgets at that in 1995 there was still a great deal of conservative based media. Anyone ever heard of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, columnists like George Will or the National Review.  All of them were around back then to get the conservative point of view out there to the public.   It just so happened the public didn’t pick up what they were laying down.

As a side point, by only hearing your point of view repeated over and over you tend to forget that most people, especially moderate voters don’t watch that stuff.  By the way, it’s those moderate voters that win parties elections to things like the U.S. Senate and the White House.  So you might want to see what they think about your actions.

To those who say that FOX News or is the path to victory, I have a question for you.  Aren’t many of these same outlets you think can be the difference the same outlets that gave you this:

Just something to remember.


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