Will Rafi Campaign In Virginia

It was reported that filibuster enthusiast Rafi Cruz is going to campaign for Ken Cuccinelli this fall in Virginia.   If this goes through this would be the definition of  a mixed blessing.  Right now Cruz is red hot with Republican primary voters.  He already has shot up the top of a recent Presidential primary poll.   So a Cruz appearance would excite the Republican base Cuccinelli needs to turn out.

At the same time, Cruz is probably the politician most associated with the potential government shutdown.  Given how many government contractors and employees there are in Northern Virginia a government shutdown is as popular as the mumps vote rich places like Fairfax County.  If Cuccinelli is seen with Cruz it would lead him to be associated with Cruz and his work to force a shutdown.  You can almost imagine the ads Terry McAuliffe would run in Northern Virginia and around the commonwealth targeted at moderate voters.

I guess we’ll find out which way Cuccinelli is going to go for the end of his campaign – either reach out to moderates or base mobilization.



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