So When Does Rubio Filibuster?

Ted Cruz

My poll numbers grew by this much.

Why did Ted Cruz “filibuster” this week?  Does he hate Obamacare?  Is he concerned about the direction our country is headed in?  Is he a modern day John Galt communicating the last light of liberty in a growing see of totalitarian darkness?

Fuck no.

He’s just an opportunist who wants to kick-start his presidential campaign.

With the results from a new Public Policy Polling poll shows it has worked like clock work.  According to their poll Rafael “Ted” Cruz has shot up to the top of the heap among potential 2016 GOP candidates.  He now garners  20% support followed by Rand Paul with 17%, Chris Christie pulling in 14%, Jeb Bush at 11%, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan both trailing with 10%.

Cruz isn’t stupid he saw the enthusiasm build and coverage sky rocket when Rand Paul filibustered in March.  The fact that Cruz had Obamacare as a target is even better for him.

Did Cruz piss some people off?  Oh yeah.  But having John McCain made at him will only make tea partiers love him more.

So given his sagging poll numbers when does Marco Rubio put on a “filibuster”?



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