Krauthammer Not Cruzing

It looks like not everyone in the GOP has Ted Cruz freezer.  Charles Krauthammer thinks Rafi Cruz is a Teddy come lately.  He had this to say on FOX News today:

” John McCain and all the people in the Republican party, in the House and in the Senate, fought tooth and nail in 2009.  I don’t know where Ted Cruz was or what he was doing, but he arrived at the party late. So if you’re going to cast aspersions on people who fought every step of the way, who opposed every twist and turn of this ObamaCare along the way, you ought to be a little bit humble about it and at least recognize the honesty and sincerity the way he did not.”

If someone on FOX News defended John McCain against an attack from a Republican, and it’s not about bombing people in the Middle East, you know they must be pissed at the attacker.  This may be an indication that anti-Cruz backlash is building.

We really shouldn’t be surprised. Cruz is a newcomer to the Senate (he has been there less than a year) and is very ambitious.  That kind of person always rubs people the wrong way.  Think about where you work, you like the new guy who wants to show everyone else up?  Fuck no you don’t like that person.  The same thing might be happening in the GOP today.

Cruz better get used to it because he is going to get a great deal more of it as his ambitions move him towards the 2016 race.




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