Did the Old Needle Move In the Old Dominion

With the Cooch v. Big Mac debate over in Virginia it’s time for a recap.  Biggest reaction was that no one moved the needle with undecideds.  First, undecideds didn’t watch.  Second, both stuck to their key messages that have already failed to excite people who are undecided.

If anyone “won” I would say Cuccinelli did a little better.  Given he has run for office more than McAuliffe and argued cases in court that is expected.  Did Cooch score a knock out? No.  It wasn’t Kerry v. Bush 2004 or Romney v. Obama 2012.  It might have been a narrow decision on points but that isn’t going to be enough to dramatically alter the race.

Going forward it seems both campaigns are just going to carpet bomb Virginia with the same messages over and over.

If anything the big winners of the night were Virginia t.v. stations and Bobby Sarvis (I will call him Bobby from now on because that is much more likable name than Robert).


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