Virginia Poll Dancing Big Mac Style

The Washington Post’s new poll has Terry McAuliffe up 49-44 over Ken Cuccinelli.  The paper has a second poll with McAuliffe sporting a bigger lead but that includes the Libertarian getting 10% which I just don’t see happening.  Given his inability to win and his lack of get-out-the-vote infrastructure I can’t see a third party candidate doing that well on election day.

Interestingly this poll is among likely voters.  In the spring polls Cuccinelli had a lead among likely voters.  If this keeps up how much will the GOP invest in the race?  As head of the Republican Governor’s Association Bobby Jindal  has been pouring resources into this race. Will that keep up if we are four weeks out and the numbers haven’t changed.

How many more appearances by people like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul will Cuccinelli get if he doesn’t turn his poll numbers around?   Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Only 42 days to go Virginia.


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