Money Race is on JET$ Style

Many GOP hopefully made the pilgrimage up to the Big Apple to see Woody Johnson and other big time RNC donors.  The event was billed as an RNC fundraiser at Johnson’s home.  In reality it was a cattle call for the big money donors in the GOP (the kind who can create a super PAC with the change in their couches) to get a feel for the new crop of candidates.


Johnson also thought this was a good idea.

Each of the candidates made their rounds and obviously some impressed more than others.  Events like this will more and more common as the race starts to heat up.

While I may have joked about it these kind of big donors can have a profound impact on the contest now that we live in the age of super PACs.  Just one really rich guy who is convinced you’re the candidate does have the ability to pump millions into supporting a campaign with tv commercials.   Having a friend or two like that can really help.

It was reported that Rand Paul was the last to leave.  I guess that is an indication that his brand of conservate-libertarianism has some traction with the big donors. For what it’s worth I wouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to get Johnson’s support.  This is the man who gave the final ok to hiring Eric Mangini, so you know his judgment is a little off.


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