Ted Cruz Profile Piece

GQ has an interesting profile piece of Senator Rafi Cruz.  To political observers the piece doesn’t brake much new ground.  Cruz is hated by most of his colleagues, he went to Harvard and Princeton, and yes his dad escaped Cuba in the 50’s.

Reading it from the mindset of someone who doesn’t follow politics closely and maybe doesn’t know who Cruz is, he comes off as pretty arrogant.  The story of his not wanting to study with people who went to Brown or Penn does make him sound like a douche.

The reporter is certainly skeptical of Cruz’s story about this father.   It is a good question to ask how a man from Cuba, who spoke no English, had no money, was able to get into the University of Texas in the 1950’s.  This is something Cruz will have to answer because he makes it central to his own narrative.

Also, Cruz is going to get more and more attention like this because as the piece says we are kind of in a wacko bird moment right now for the GOP.  As his influence in the party and 2016 run come up more people are going to want to know who Cruz is and what he’s like.  It’s an open question if people end up liking what they see.

You can bet how his colleagues would answer that question.


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