What Merkel Has In Common With the GOP

You know someone in the GOP is going to say that Merkel’s big win in Germany is a road map for the GOP.   If you completely cherry pick things you can do some kind of mental gymnastics to get to that point.

Considering how little Americans know about European politics they might actually get taken seriously by some people.  Newt Gingrich seems perfect for this role.

Of course this would ignore some differences between the GOP and Merkel’s Christian Democrats.  For example, Merkel had her party call for gay couples to have the same tax benefits as straight couples.  You think Marco Rubio will be leading the charge for that anytime soon?  The Christian Democrats also oppose the death penalty.  Again I doubt Christie will be fighting for that one.

Also there is the degree to which things are done.  Sure, Merkel’s party is more pro-free market than it’s German opponents.  To say they are as free market as the GOP is laughable.  Germany has a national health insurance system that no politician is going to touch.  Also most German college students do not have to pay tuition to attend.  The U.S. is nothing like this in terms of its social welfare state and to say these things are not what makes Germany the way it is would seem to deny some basic facts about their political culture. To draw a parallel without mentioning also would seem to be playing dumb by some conservatives.

Of course will any of that stop some in the GOP from running their mouths about Merkel?  Yeah, right.


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