Granite State Poll Dancing

Another poll has come out from Public Policy Polling showing the New Hampshire rise is anyone’s ballgame.  According to their latest numbers it’s:

  • Rand Paul’s at 20%
  • Chris Christie at 19%
  • Jeb Bush at 14%
  • Kelly Ayotte at 12%
  • Ted Cruz on 10%
  • Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan at 7%
  • Bobby Jindal at 3%
  • Rick Santorum at 2%

Many people will say it is a Paul/Christie race.  It may appear that way but consider that out of Ayotte, Ryan and Bush at least two of them aren’t running.  That means you can add at least 19% and possibly another 14% up for grabs in addition to the 6% that is undecided in the poll.   With 39% up for grabs you can see why it is anyone’s for the taking.

Although a few trends should be noted.  Marco Rubio continues to see his poll numbers drop.  Since April, he has fallen from 25% to only 7.  He is not the only one to see their numbers drop.  Rand Paul has fallen from 28 to 20 over the same period.

At the same time Chris Christie’s numbers have gone up and given his style Christie does seem like a natural for New Hampshire.  Remember they do love their straight talkers up there (Johnny McCain anyone?).

It doesn’t take Lee Atwater to see what is happening to Rubio.  He is still getting killed in the polls over immigration.  He needs a way to change the subject.  Look for him to take a big role in the fight over defunding Obamacare and the government shutdown to try and make that a reality.

This poll does have a note of sadness.  It appears they have stopped asking about the Ricker.  Way to go New Hampshire.



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