Cruz Calls On A Cliche

To fire up the faithful in the fight to defund Obamacare Senator Rafael Cruz tried to do his best Churchill.  Speaking to Sean Hannity Cruz said:

“And I can guarantee you one thing. [Sen.] Mike [Lee (R-Utah)] and I are going to fight with every breath in our body. As Churchill said, we will fight on the beaches, we will fight on the streets. We will fight at every step to stop the biggest job killer in America.”

This is of course a take on Winston Churchill’s very famous speech:

I never understand why politicians try to evoke Churchill.  He was a great man and inspired the United Kingdom to a victory over Nazi Germany in the Battle of Britain.

This why politicians should never try to evoke him, because when compared to Churchill Rafi Cruz looks pretty small.  To say that a legislative fight over Obamacare approaches the Battle of Britain is also pretty lame.

Of course, if you really want to go historical, John Boehner probably thinks what is happening looks more like the Battle at the Little Bighorn.



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