Rafi Cruz’s New Best Friend – David Brooks

If David Brooks didn’t exist Senator Rafael “Ted” Cruz would need him to exist.  By attacking Cruz on PBS David Brooks is only making Cruz stronger.  Here is Brooks laying down against Cruz.

First, having someone from the New York Times attack you on PBS gives Cruz every opportunity to say “see the establishment is out to get me.”  Already people like Limbaugh are coming to his defense.   That is only a great thing for Cruz.

Second, it makes Cruz look like the leader of efforts to stop Obamacare.  That is not a bad place to be with GOP activists now.

Lastly, Rafi gets plenty of attention and this is not going to hurt that one bit.  Plus, it forces potential opponents of Cruz, who are fighting for the hearts and minds of the same GOP activists, to come to his defense against this attack from the establishment.

If Brooks really wanted to hurt Cruz, he would wrap his arms around the guy and give Rafi a big kiss.


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