Great Political Books – Ken


A good book about an interesting man.

The ability to see political trends and ride them to glory before anyone knows they are even there is a great skill that only the best politicians have.  Ken Livingstone has this skill in spades.  The book Ken: The Ups and Downs of Ken Livingstone by Andrew Hosken lays this out in all of its gory details.

For anyone who wants to understand how people from little money but excessive amounts of cunning and skill rise to the top politically this book is not to be missed.

Livingstone never shied away from controversy and that may turn some people off.  Whether you love him or hate him you cannot deny Red Kens staying power.  He went to battle politically with Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair and got the better of both of them.

If any of the candidates in 2016 had half Livingstone’s political skills they will be miles ahead of their competition.  Don’t believe me?  Read the book and you will probably change your mind.



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