Who’s In the Club

The Washington Post took a break from its “Libertarian’s are taking over American Politics” series to tell us all that the Club For Growth are a powerful presence in the GOP.   Thanks for that bit of breaking news.  Next I am sure they will tell us NARAL is a big player in Democratic party politics.

Of course Club For Growth is a big deal.  The way they went after Marge Roukema and Arlen Specter has scarred Republicans into toeing their line.

The piece doesn’t mention that the Club doesn’t always pick winners.  They did endorse Sharron Angle before her primary.  That turned out great for everyone.  That is, everyone who works for Harry Reid.

Aside from Grover Norquist, the piece didn’t look others in the GOP who have fights for the Club.  For example, Mike Huckabee has called them the “Club for Greed” and many believe his early endorsement of Mitch McConnell was influenced by the Club looking to get into the Kentucky primary.

The tension that exists between people who are involved in practical governing, like a Huckabee or Roukema, and those on an ideological crusade, like Norquist or the Club For Growth, is a big part of the divisions within the GOP.   For example, while someone like John Kasich may be as conservative as Ted Cruz he knows he can’t govern that way because he would lose in Ohio (a state Obama won both times).

How will this tension play out?  The last few times the GOP has gone practical (McCain and Romney) however if the Club For Growth has its way in 2016 that might all change.


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