Born At the Wrong Time – Jack Kemp

1963 Fleer - 24 - Jack Kemp

What might have been…

Life is all about timing.  If you are in the right place at the right time it can be magic.  Unfortunately, if things don’t line up you can be screwed.  One person who was born 25 years to soon was Jack Kemp.

Think about it, the guy was a solid tax cutting, gold standard supporting, pro-life conservative who played professional football.   If this guy were entering Congress now he would be a regular on FOX News and be gushed over by the Weekly Standard and National Review.

Despite having been the primary advocate of supply-side economics, Kemp was never able to take off in his one run for the White House in 1988.  If he were around today, a younger version of Kemp would be in the thick of it.

Sometimes time is not on your side.


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