This Is a Joke, Right

Here is a copy of the ad that ran in this morning’s Washington Post that was supposed to be an attack on Terry McAuliffe.  Or was it?  After looking at how over the top it is I almost thought it was really a parody put out by the Democrats.  The claims it makes are pretty over the top.

Their television ad is just as disjointed:

One of the problems a political party has when it runs candidates like Cuccinelli, who are so ideological, is that they inspire people who are really passionate and sometimes a little nuts.  If you go back and look at what some of the supporters of Goldwater put out in support of him you see the same kind of over-the-top angry rhetoric.  For example:

This kind of stuff appeals to the diehard base and makes the rest of us scratch our heads.  Will this have an impact on the race?  Probably none at all.  But it does remind us about that phrase concerning a fool and their money.


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