Relating to the Kids, Or Maybe Not

On the Daily Beast, Peter Beinart has a new column talking about how the country might be about to become much more liberal.  He discusses Quinn’s collapse in New York City and why it should scare the Clintons.  As you may remember, we touched on that subject on election night in New York City.

Even more interestingly, Beinart looks at whether the generation of conservatives will have more pull with younger voters than McCain or Romney did.  He is skeptical to say the least:

In the runup to 2016, the media will likely feature stories about how 40-something Republicans like Marco Rubio, who blasts Snoop Dog from his car, or Paul Ryan, who enjoys Rage Against the Machine, may appeal to Millennials in ways that geezers like McCain and Romney did not. Don’t believe it. According to a 2012 Harvard survey, young Americans were more than twice as likely to say Mitt Romney’s selection of Ryan made them feel more negative about the ticket than more positive. In his 2010 Senate race, Rubio fared worse among young voters than any other age group. The same goes for Rand Paul in his Senate race that year in Kentucky, and Scott Walker in his 2010 race for governor of Wisconsin  and his recall battle in 2012.

The same applies for Ted Cruz.

If this is true, then it is a sign that the GOP’s problem at the Presidential level is not cosmetic.  Simply having younger faces saying a more conservative version of Mitt Romney or John McCain’s platform may not be enough to get Republicans more support among younger voters.  That being the case, and it really is a question of substance not style, than the GOP might be in for much bigger changes than the party is willing to contemplate at this moment.

Of course, having someone willing to take up that fight is a much different than simply saying it needs to happen.  Either way, it looks like Marco Rubio won’t be getting younger voters to raise the roof anytime soon.



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