Lessons From NYC Primary – #1 Quinn & Clinton


Let this be a warning to Hillary Clinton

Christine Quinn was supposed to have this race locked up.  She was the clear frontrunner for months who dominated the polls early on against a bunch of nobodies.  If anything the New York City Democratic race was going to be a coronation.

How things change.  Tonight she is struggling to come in second and praying to get into the runoff with Bill de Blasio.

How did this happen?  

She ran an uninspiring campaign that was based on being the frontrunner who had checked off all the right boxes.  Then when primary voters started getting really focused on the race and became passionate about an issue, in this case stop and frisk, she seemed flat.  That allowed allowed someone to capture that passion of the moment and surge ahead.

Does that sound like anyone else?  Any other candidate who ran the “I am inevitable just vote for me already” race?  Maybe Clinton in 2008.  If Clinton tries that again in 2016 don’t be surprised if the same thing happens again.  

I know some will say who is out there who can challenge Clinton this time?  There is no Barack Obama style figure this time around.  Well ask yourself, who was Bill de Blasio in June of this year.   

Clinton should view tonight as a wake up call and realize that she will have to capture people’s hearts if she wants to secure the nomination. 



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