Chris Christie Should Sweat Colorado Recalls

In case anyone was wonder, the National Rifle Association is still a big deal.  Thanks for some big spending and fired up members they were able to recall two Democrats to who supported gun control measures.

The NRA has always been a big political force and Tuesday’s win underscore how that is not changing anytime soon.  For candidates in 2016 that should come as no surprise. This is really not an issue for most in the GOP.  Remember that Senator Rafael Cruz and the Ricker spoke at the group’s convention.

However, this could be a problem for Governor Chris Christie.  In August he did sign legislation that tightened gun restrictions.  Following the shootings at Sandy Hook, Christie also was critical of the NRA’s plan to put armed guards in schools.

Politically those were both very smart for someone running statewide in New Jersey.  The problem is that Christie has ambitions beyond the Garden State and the NRA is really good a bearing grudges.

You can definitely see the NRA or other gun rights groups going after Christie in states like New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada or South Carolina over this.  Using the gun issue to take out a media darling Christie would scare every Republican nationally into toeing their line or else.

If Tuesday’s results are any indication, the NRA and its allies have the will and the way to do this.



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