Thanks Magic Mike – NYC Mayoral Update


Yes, Bloomberg brought his family into it.

Apparently Mike Bloomberg really likes Bill de Blasio or is an amazingly tone deaf politician.  In an interview with New York magazine the three-term mayor said the Democratic front runner is running a racist campaign.

According to Magic Mike, De Blasio’s running ads highlighting his biracial family is racist.  Magic Mike then said, “Well, no, no. I mean he’s making an appeal using his family to gain support.”

Of course Bill De Blasio quickly rushed to the defense of his family.   In addition, this also forced all of the other candidates who speak glowingly of De Blasio and his family.

So with two days to go De Blasio, who already had a lead and momentum in the polls, is now getting the day to play defender of his African-American wife and kids.  Could his campaign have asked for anything more?  Plus for the next 24 hours the other Democrats can’t attack De Blasio either.

In addition to helping De Blasio out, Bloomberg closed out the piece by praising Council Speaker Christine Quinn who is also running in the Democratic Primary.  In case you’re wondering most voters in the Democratic primary don’t like Bloomberg so this does Quinn no favors.

Can De Blasio use this to hit the 40% mark and avoid a run-off election?


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