Peter King Is Running, Ok Stop Laughing


Yeah, I’m running dingbat.

It looks like we have our first candidate in the big elephant race.  Congressman Peter King (R-Archie Bunkerville) told a New Hampshire radio station he is running for President.

Of course King has no chance of winning.  He is a Northeastern Congressman who has good relations with labor unions.  Yeah, that sounds like what today’s GOP wants.

So why is going to do it?  Why spend the time and energy on a pretty hopeless cause?

Decides a great desire to spend time in Iowa and New Hampshire As has been discussed before, King is going to run on an issue.  In particular, he wants to stand up an interventionist foreign policy in the face of a growing push for non-interventionism (what some call isolationism).  While he won’t win anything King was try to use the debates to bloody up contenders like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, who seem to be leading the isolationism charge.


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