Libertarians Crying A River About a Lack of Media Coverage

The most overrated group in American politics, yes kids that is the Libertarians, were moaning about a lack of coverage in today’s Washington Post.  This letter mocked the Washington Post for not covering any candidates in Virginia beyond BigMac McAuliffe and Cuccinelli.  

Stevie Wonder can see that the author wants the Libertarian party nominee Robert Sarvis to get some attention from the Washington Post.  We at the Elephant Race know working the refs when we see it.  

Of course, any Libertarian complaining about a lack of media coverage is simply laughable.  The Washington Post has given Libertarians coverage here, here, here, here, and here.  In the last article professional Libertarians like David Boaz are quoted. So much for a media black out, especially for a party and political philosophy that is a distinct minority in American electoral politics.  

For the 2016 race this is something that shouldn’t be lost on candidates.  You already can probably guess what Paul and Cruz really feel about the libertarians politically and it ain’t good. In practical political terms, libertarianism can get you some coverage but will it actually turn into votes at the polls?  So far we have yet to see that happen.  

If Libertarians want to be mad at something they should start not with the media but with their own inept political operation.  



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