Rand Paul is Making a Friend In The Garden State

It looks like Steve Lonegan is getting a little support from the Blue Grass State.  Politico is reporting that Senator Rand Paul is coming to campaign for the long shot Tea Party candidate.

Let’s be clear, Paul knows Lonegan has no prayer of winning.  Why is he campaigning for Lonegan? He wants to be able to call in a favor make a friend for later days.

What kind of favor?  Well when Lonegan is back to being head of Americans For Prosperity’s New Jersey chapter he may be inclined to say nice things about someone who came to help him, like Rand Paul, and a few mean things about someone didn’t lift a finger to help him.  And who didn’t come to help?  Oh does the name Chris Christie ring any bells.

Having someone from your home state constantly attacking you as being not conservative enough is problem Chris Christie doesn’t need.  Let’s just say Lonegan might be happy to play that role in 2016.


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