How Many Will Stand With Rand

Apparently the GOP’s divisions over foreign policy are news to the New York Times.  In a new article they laid out how it will be a fight between McCain and Rand Paul.  Well thanks for stating the obvious.

The important question isn’t that there are divisions it’s how big those divisions are in the party.  The number of Senators Rand can get to stand with him (no hash tag intended) will be the real indication of where the party is on foreign policy.  If he can get 25 members of the GOP to vote no I would say that is a clear victory, especially considering that is over half the caucus.

Paul is helped that it is a vote against Obama but still getting the GOP to turn against the Neocons on a war in the Middle East would show that things have really changed in the party.  Remember this was the party of Bush/Cheney and Iraq.


2 thoughts on “How Many Will Stand With Rand

  1. It would be a great way for the Republican Party to finally have closure from the Bush years. To show they have redeemed themselves and realized their mistakes.

  2. It would certainly show they have changed in a big way.

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